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Our Expertise

Formed in 2007, GMGMK is a boutique firm focused on employment rights litigation and labor law, and municipal law.  Both areas of law are complementary, since municipalities and other governmental units are all employers with collective bargaining agreements and personnel policies to administer, workforce management issues, disciplinary grievances and arbitrations and employment litigation.  The district court prosecutions give our lawyers the opportunity to be in court prosecuting cases and conducting jury trials at a far greater frequency than in civil practice.  Municipalities also often need seasoned plaintiff attorneys to pursue breach of contract and other civil litigation that are natural fits for our employment litigators.

Our lawyers are recognized by their peers as among the best in their respective fields because they stick to their areas of expertise and often handle cases that play key roles in the developing law.

We understand that litigation is often required to achieve the results sought by our clients. At the same time, our firm also understands that lawsuits and litigation are not always the best way to resolve disputes.  Our focus is always to secure the best results for our clients, whether it is through the negotiation of a severance agreement or negotiating a settlement through mediation, we have the experience – through years on the front lines of handling disputes – to know how, and how aggressively, to handle a case.

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