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There are many situations where our plaintiff’s side employment rights practice intersects with the work of our municipal lawyers. Our municipal law practice includes serving as city or township prosecuting attorney for some of the municipalities that we represent. We have lawyers who are in district court prosecuting misdemeanor crimes and ordinance violations every week, which requires them to fully familiar with the criminal justice system in those communities and the counties where they are located. In our plaintiff’s side employment rights practice, we frequently receive calls from individuals who have a criminal conviction that is interfering with his or her ability to secure employ

$12M Class Action over missed reporting time pay

Employment Law Daily recently reported on the class action lawsuit, Casas Mayra Casas v. Victoria’s Secret Stores in which 40,000 store clerks and other non-exempt employees are claiming the franchise failed to adhere to California's "reporting time" pay laws. These non-exempt employees alleged that they were required to call into their managers two-hours before certain scheduled shifts to see if they were actually needed for work that day. When employees called in and were told they were not needed, this also meant they were not allowed to work that day, reaping large opportunity costs on workers who could then not schedule shifts at other employers, attend class, or even take advantage of

New developments in the Department of Labor's guidance regarding employee vs. independent contra

As the gig economy continues to grow, so do the challenges surrounding classification of workers. Companies like Uber, Lyft, Handy and Task Rabbit have asserted that their drivers, handymen and task-ers qualify as independent contractors. Many labor lawyers argue otherwise, however, classifying a worker's status is far from black and white as the economic realities test is subject to interpretation. Yesterday, the National Law Review reported on the subject, stating that the Department of Labor has been signaling a move toward tightening the definition of employee status. The article sites U.S. Secretary of Labor Alexander Acosta's announcement that the department would be withdrawing its 20

Detroit Free Press Reports Township sues Visteon in feud over debt for headquarters

Nathan Bomey of the Detroit Free Press reported on Van Buren Township's lawsuit against Visteon. Van Buren Township is represented by GMGMK Attorney Patrick McCauley. "The dispute reflects a sharp devolution in ties between Visteon and Van Buren Township, which courted the supplier's corporate expansion with tax credits and financing assistance." Read the full article here:

New York Times Reports GMGMK Case

Sam Morgan of GMGMK representing Plaintiff in Whistleblower case against Volkswagen. The New York Times reports on the case. Read the article here:

Sam Morgan Sues for Race Discrimination

The Detroit Free Press reports about the lawsuit against the Detroit Medical Center. Plaintiff Claims law firm termination was due to lawyer's race. Read the full article here:

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